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How did FIFA become the world’s popular football game?

EA Sports released their first FIFA football game on December 15, 1993. The game was named as FIFA International Soccer.

Many people ask the question that how did FIFA become the world’s popular football game in just 28 years? So I’m going to solve the mystery by answering these questions. I’m going to reveal some of the reasons that FIFA become the most popular football game.


One of the biggest reason behind the popularity of FIFA football game is that the developer keeps on improving the game. Fifa knows that people love improvement, so they try to grow the game in every version.

They try to add new features in the upcoming adding. If you see the first game and the latest game that Fifa released are extremely different. The gameplay, graphics, players, menus, each and everything has changed in the newest game as compare to the first one.

There is a hell different in graphics of FIFA International Soccer game and the newly released Fifa 19 game. When the user started getting bored from the game, Fifa launched a new addition so that the user remain stick to the Fifa series. That change makes the user keep playing the game.


We all know that influencers play a vital role in making any game popular.  Fifa series always get a lot of promotion as compared to the other football game.

Many famous influencers on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms keep on promotion Fifa, and Fifa deserves that promotion due to their fantastic gameplay, graphics, and many other things.

Many famous gamers on YouTube that has millions of following love playing and making a video on FIFA which encourage their fans to purchase and play that game. Other than free promotion, EA sports also do some paid promotion to promote the game.


EA sports make Fifa series accessible for all kind of user by releasing it from multiples platforms like Play stations, Xbox, PC, and Mobile. Each platform guarantees you a unique experience of the game.

So all the players of different platforms get a chance to enjoy the great experience of the game. The best thing about EA sports is that they try to give value to the users of each platform whether it be Play stations, Xbox, PC or Mobile, they focus on the quality.

This is one of the things that gamers love about EA sports and that thing makes them stay with the game for a longer period. Wheater you play it on Play stations, Xbox, PC or Mobile you will surely enjoy it because it’s meant to make gamers fell in love with it.

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Football popularity

As we all know that Football is the most famous sports in the world. According to a report, football has over 4 billion fans in the world. Fifa just knows who to utilize that number and convert that fans base into gamers.

Football fans love playing football games with the team they like. Fifa provides them the opportunity to play and win for their team.

EA Sports has introduced many different teams and league so that football fans never get bored while playing the game. Moreover, FIFA also has multiplayer mode which helps the games to play the game with their friends or family and show them their skill set.


EA Sports has brought a lot of new changes in the FIFA series. Whether it be gameplay or graphics, FIFA just keeps on improving every year. The developers keep focusing on giving a lot more realistic look in the game.

Just look at the newly launches FIFA series game know as FIFA 19. Fifa 19 seems like you are playing a real-life football. The facial expressions, the crowd, the atmosphere, and many other things look more real.

The realistic effect of the game attract the gamers. You will feel like you are operating your favorite team or player in real life. Fifa series has also kept on adding new leagues, matches, players, and team that football fans do love. So this is one of the reasons that Fifa is the most famous football games among fans.