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How Did World Of Warcraft Manage To Be So Successful?

When it comes to MMORPGs, nobody can argue with the fact that World Of Warcraft changed the game and it was the most successful game of its kind ever made. It arguably made Blizzard the powerhouse it is today and still goes strong with a very dedicated community of gamers. How did this happen?

How can World Of Warcraft still be relevant and popular on sites like rawg.io/games when it was launched 15 years ago? While MMO games in general are a risk for publishers since they are very expensive to make and require a lot of time to develop, Blizzard did find a clear recipe for success.

Obviously, as time passed, changes were made. However, WOW did manage to completely change MMORPGs and practically force new titles to come up with something different in order to be able to compete. The quality of the game is so high that even if there are some flaws that can be highlighted, a monthly membership is still in place while most MMORPGs are now free-to-play.

At its peak, World Of Warcraft had around 12 million subscribers. This means revenue of around $180 million every single month. Nowadays, player base went down, under 10 million, but it is still huge. To top it off, the game itself needs to be purchased, just like every single expansion.

So how did World Of Warcraft manage to be so successful? Some of the things that need to be mentioned include:

  • Accessibility

Before WOW, MMO games were all about elite mentality, PVP, guilds and a group of hardcore enthusiasts. What World Of Warcraft did was make the genre accessible. Anyone had something to do in the game.

  • Size

The world of WOW is massive and keeps changing, offering something for every single gamer. Pandaria is similar to China, Darnassus puts you in a fairy tale world and Dalaran keeps moving.

  • Addiction

World Of Warcraft was designed in a way that makes it really addictive. Players actually end up feeling bad in the event that they do not play. This was simply because they are playing a monthly subscription. When you play, there is so much to do that it is practically impossible to get it all done. Practically, the game never ends so you need to do new things all the time.

  • Different Game Styles

There are so many ways in which you can play the game. You can be stealthy as your character is a rogue. You can be a priest or a Worgen. You can even be in the middle of all fights as a tank covered in armor.

  • The Social Aspect

Last but not least, WOW is a truly social experience. Because of the huge player base that is in place, it is really easy to find people to play with and interact. In fact, there are countless players that got married after meeting in WOW. Weddings were even organized in-game with guilds participating, having a drink, dancing and having fun. There are not many games that allow you to do that.