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Knight in shining armor Williams as well as Robbie Williams- what’s typical in between all of them?

You may say it’s ‘Williams’, but NO! That’s lame and that’s not what we’re talking about!

Its B-I-N-G-O! All of us know what a huge fan base bingo has! But what we are surprised to know is these stars are also one among us who love playing bingo as much as we do!

It’s difficult to know what celebs do during their free time, but the paparazzi seems to have gotten a sneak peak of their life.

Bingo has spared no one! In 2006, prince Williams invited many of his friends to a bingo club near the Sandhurst military academy and was seen enjoying the game. While celebrity Robbie who has a huge fan following is a fan of the game himself.

The singer loves 90-ball bingo and he has been pictured by the paparazzi playing online numerous times. Robbie Williams has even taken part in and won Hollywood bingo competitions, often giving the majority of his winnings to charities including Breast Cancer Research.

There are many A-list celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mick Jagger, Courteney Cox and Ronaldo who absolutely love bingo as much as we do!
Why would they love bingo,You may wonder! The reason is simple. Bingo is a fun game and very sociable even when one plays the game online.

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