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Shadow Priests

The priests of the specialization “Shadow” did not escape from the mass update when the “Battle for Azeroth” beta test started. This class has changed in the direction of the basic set of spells, as well as talents. Among the standard skills, “Silence” denies the ability to use skills for 4 seconds instead of 5, and the lockout time for the school of darkness with cast interruption decreased from 4 to 3. “Mindblast” skill recovers for 7.5 seconds instead of 9, but creates 12 instead of 15 units of insanity.

In the new expansion the skill “Leap of Faith” was added back and it pulls the spirit of a party or raid member, instantly moving them directly in front of you. The “Void Form” spell costs 90 used resources instead of 100, but it casts for half a second longer. Damage affects all targets within a radius of 10 meters without having to hang debuffs on them: “Word of Darkness: Pain” or “Vampiric Touch”. The “Mind Sear” skill was added back as well. It hangs on the target and damage for 3 seconds gets applied to all adjacent enemies within a radius of 10 meters.

For each hit target, the character accumulates 5 units of insanity. The creature summoned from the spell of the Descent of Darkness lives 15 instead of 12 seconds. A new passive effect is the accumulation of 3 units of insanity in an attack. “Vampiric Embrace” skills have been strengthened, healing effect from the Outgoing Damage of the Priest is 60% instead of 40%, the duration of 15 seconds has not changed. The skill recovery time was reduced by 1 minute. The Vampiric Touch ability changed only during the Touch of Darkness spell. Instead of 24 seconds it now lasts for 21 second. In the “Battle for Azeroth”, the skill “Power Word: Fortitude” has returned. This is the endurance buff on 10% of all allies in the group or raid. Power Word: Shield spell can be used every 6 seconds, not 7.5. DOTA “Word of Darkness: Pain” lasts 16 seconds, in the “Legion” it was 18.

Passive ability “Mastery: Madness” has decreased in the value of increasing damage from abilities from 20% to 9.6. In the “Legion” it influenced the skills of “Shadow Word: Pain”, “Vampiric Touch” and “Void Bolt”. In the “Battle for Azeroth” the following abilities have been added: “Explosion of the mind,” “The torture of the mind,” as well as “The Frenzy of Mind” with “The Eruption of the Abyss”. Passive skill “Void Form” increases the damage dealt by Shadow damage by half (was 20%), “Mind Blast” gets reduced cooldown by 1.5 seconds instead of 3, and the speed is increased by 0.5% and not 1%. Ability Abyssal Arrow extends the debuffs for the target of “Shadow Word: Pain” and “Vampiric Touch” for 2 seconds instead of 3. It will be easier to take advantage of these changes when buying powerleveling WoW.

Many major changes took place in the talents. “Shadowy Insight” passed into the first tier and now “Shadow Word: Pain” with some probability completes the “Mind Blast”. He instantly applies to the goal. The “Shadow Word: Abyss” spell creates 15 units of insanity, which is 10 less than the current patch has, 2 charges instead of 3 are accumulated. The new effect is to replace this “Mind Blast” skill, restores it after 9 seconds, which is 16 seconds less.

The rigid mind in this branch remained unchanged. In the second tier, San’lane’s talent increases the healing done by the Vampiric Embrace ability by 25%, and reduces cooldown by 45 seconds. The skills “Mania” and “Body and Soul” remained unchanged. In the third tier of the “Whims of fate”, the increased damage, as well as healing, when using abilities on a target with health less than 35% increases by 10% instead of 20%, the effect lasts 8 seconds. Here, the new talent “Dark Void” is an active skill that creates an area around the target.

It deals damage and casts the effect of “Shadow Word: Pain” on nearby enemies. After the cast, the Priest receives 30 units of insanity. PVP talent “Last Word” moved to the standard branch of the fourth tier and was completely redesigned. It passively reduces the cooldown of the silence skill by 15 seconds. The ability “Mind Bomb” in this series is stunning the targets after the explosion for 5 seconds instead of 4. In this tier, the “Deep Horror” spell was returned, which hits the target, terrifies and immobilizes it for 4 seconds.

The next talent in branch of the level 75 called “Shadow Word: Death” came from the basic set of skills. This is a spell with a Shadow damage that creates 15 units of insanity, 30 while killing, and only works on targets with health lower than 20%. In this tier the skill of “Shadow Crash” came without changes in mechanics, and the talent “Auspicious Spirits” also remained the same. In a tier of level 90, the Lingering Insanity ability keeps the speed buff of the Void Shape effect but passively reduces the speed rating by 1% every second after the end.

In the “Legion” it was 2%. When summoning a creature with the Mindbender ability, 6 units of insanity accumulate instead of 8 when the summon attacks. In the last tier, the talent “Legacy of the Void” allows you to activate the “Void Eruption” at any time with the accumulation of 60, not 65 units of energy. There is a new passive effect that reduces the skill activation time by 40%. In the last row the former ability of the artifact “Dark Ascension” appeared. When you change to “Void Shape,” the Priest inflicts damage with this spell for 4 seconds. The ability to “Surrender to Madness” has been reworked a bit.

Earlier, the increase in insanity and the ability to make castes on the run worked until the end of the “Void Shape”. Now there is a static value per minute. Instead of dying, the player loses 90% of his health and cannot accumulate madness for 30 seconds.

The priest in the specialization “Shadow” has its pros and cons in the new addition, and to make it easier to understand the class you should buy boost wow. The first problem is AoE damage. It will take you incredible efforts to see excellent numbers, not every player will succeed. Damage to one target remained at the same level, but the Priest of the branch “Shadow” remains difficult to learn for beginners. Additional control skills appeared, mobility remained at the same level. Professional users will continue to actively use this archetype, which has undergone considerable changes. With the release of the official version a lot can change, the opinion in the article is estimated according to current data. Specializations “Light” and “Discipline” will be described in our future updates.