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Features of kin ki persona 5 and powers

One of four oni controlled by Fujiwara no Chikata, its body is so hard that no weapons can penetrate it. Kin ki persona 5 is one of two Personas to learn the Vajra Blast skill. One of three Personas to learn the Regenerate 1, Dodge Psy, Sledgehammer and Bad Beat skills. There are many different characters are available in this game. Every character has own power. You can check all the characters and their features by playing this game. You can play this game for once and heck this list of characters available in this game to play, you can also check the guide to make this game much easy for you. Thousands of players daily play this game because this is one of the best games available online. You can play this online without any hassle. It will give you real feel of playing game.

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