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Perfect Options for Playing Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings is a strategy and kingdom management game for Android and iOS. With features common to other games of the genre, this simulator has commands that are limited to touching the screen to select territories, upgrade buildings and access menus for upgrades.

However, the gameplay is dynamic and rewarding, offering many bonuses to speed up builds or trainings, customize the character, or enhance resource collection. In addition, the player can play territory on the map online, face multiplayer championships or participate in cooperative missions against monsters. Download free Rise of the Kings and enjoy the many possibilities to expand your domains and increase the power of your kingdom. You can start the play with https://riseofkingdoms.com/download/ now.

The best Gaming Options for You

In the game Rise of Kingdoms, the player’s city level is determined by the level of the town hall (academy) of that player. The Town Hall is the most important building in the city (as in general and in many cities in real life). At the beginning of the game, the player has a level 1 town hall.

To increase the level of the town hall it is necessary to have the necessary amount of resources each time. But that is not all. One of the main conditions, and at high levels, a difficult condition is that in order to raise the level of the town hall, the player will have to improve and raise the levels of other buildings in the city. But what, in the game in advance about this not tell anyone. How much power will the player add a new town hall, how much will increase the capacity of the troops with the new town hall? About this, too, in the game no one will say in advance. But our article will help.

  • Each time a player must gradually raise the levels of buildings and accumulate the necessary amount of resources to raise the level of his town hall. If you know what buildings need to be improved, then when the builder is free, you can start building improvement in advance.
  • That is why we give below all the screens of the necessary resources and buildings for the new town hall at each level of development.

The Best Opinion

Illustrated by quirky scenarios and animations, Rise of the Kings is a strategy game with engaging dynamics and rewarding progress. Although it has many traditional aspects of real-world simulators, the player finds several bonuses to speed up constructions and trainings, fast combats and different online game styles.

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