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Things to Remember When Buying League of Legends Accounts

There are plenty of risks involved when you buy an unranked League of Legends account. Let’s look at some of the risks involved in the purchase.

Your account may get banned

Yes, it is possible that your account gets banned. It depends on the production method used by the company from which you are buying your League of Legends account. There is a risk of ban involved in it. The risk could be minimal to certain.

The registered email can be changed

If you have fallen a prey to a shady seller, he or she can reclaim your account after selling it away. What they do? They place their own registered email in place and you wash your hands off the account. You cannot do anything about it. They have your account. They will keep your money and then resell your account to someone else. And the cycle can go on like that.

Your account can be hijacked

This is also one of the big problems. If you are buying account from an untrustworthy seller, you can land in huge problems. Once you have bought a League of Legends account, they will receive your money. Then they will change the password and the registered email, and you will be locked out of your account. You cannot get it back in any case. You are no longer the original account owner. You will lose your money. That’s why If you are about to buy league of legends account, buy it from an authentic source.

You get no IP to buy Champions or Runes

It also is a big risk. Suppose you have bought a level 30 account ranked but it doesn’t have any IP by which you can buy champions. What you will do then? You will have to waste lots of time to farm IP and then unlock the 16 champions that are needed for ranked play. There are lots of untrustworthy sellers in the market who will sell you account that have  no IP.

Benefits of buying a lol account?

You can easily acquire these accounts. If you want to open a new account, it will cost lots of time and effort before you reach a certain level. Buying is always recommended because in this way you can spend more time enjoying a game rather than struggling to stay alive and move up the ladder.

There are a number of people who sell their lol accounts online. You can always find some. The cost depends on the quality of the account. The better it is, the more it will cost you. You should keep in mind that you should purchase an account from the level which suits you. So that you may move forward to next stages without much hassle.

For buying an account, smurfstore.live is the best option. Their delivery is fast. There are hand-leveled items only. All the accounts are unverified so that you can verify them with your own email address. There is a lifetime warranty on all the League of Legends accounts.