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The Benefits of Using a Mordhau Cheat

Mordhau was released just less than a month and it is already one of the most popular hack and slash games for PC. It has hundreds of players enjoying it right now. Some of them has already achieved a level of invincibility and if you want a piece of that action, you need something to make you competitive.

What you need is a game hack for Mordhau. There are a few hacks that allow you to gain an advantage in the battle against the opponents. You can choose options from using a 3D ESP, Auto-blocking, or using a 2D radar to see what others can’t.


Having an extra eye in the battle is very important. The ESP mode allows you to have an inside look of other player’s information. For example, during the battle, it’s very hard to concentrate on the defending, attacking, and keeping an eye of the others. With the ESP you can see other people’s health, boxes, trace lines, their nametags, and headdots.

This is very important for those cases when you accidentally hit an ally, or for those situations when you’re not sure who to attack. This way you can see who is the most vulnerable. Sometimes you get into a fight with an opponent who has full health. You fight them and just at the moment when you need to make the final strike, someone else steals your kill. That’s why it’s best if you don’t even get into a fight with these guys but go straight to the one who is the weakest. While the others do the dirty part for you, you can just go and finish off the ones that are almost done.

Auto blocking

The auto blocking feature is something you must try if you’re just starting this game. The controls are fairly easy for using, but if you’re a newbie, you simply can’t handle everything. With the auto blocking option, you can focus on the kills rather than defending yourself. The program will do it for you. When you feel like experienced enough, you can start doing it on your own.

It very simple actually defending and attacking at the same time, but when you are a beginner, even this can be a problem. The defending button is the right click of the mouse, and the attacking is the left one. This means it’s nothing complicated, but you will need to master one thing at a time. See this great discussion on the controls in Mordhau, here.

With the auto blocking feature, you are invincible. Every swing toward you from the enemy is blocked and you can’t get hurt. The program is specially designed to give you an extra fast reaction and a last moment protection. This, of course, gives you the opportunity to swing back and make the kill.

2D radar

This is something for those players that like to have everything under control. The 2D radar gives you an insight of where everyone is. You can see both the allies and the faux. It is perfect for planning an ambush and strike when you know the opponent is not expecting you. Getting an easy hit is the most important in the 1 on 1 battle.

It also very useful for those situations when you saw something in the distance and you think you can score. When you get there, you realize it was just a person from your group. In the meantime, the battle was raging and everyone had their kills but you.

The radar prevents this situation. You can see who the person in the distance is. If it is an ally, look on the radar to find another target. If it is an enemy, go for it make your kill. When you can see where the others are and they are not expecting you, it is the best way to make your shot. See how it looks here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BVCB1wbtv8


As you can see from everything written above, using some of these hacks won’t make you a God, but they’ll definitely give you an advantage on the battlefield. Players who are just starting, or are frustrated that they can’t make a single kill, this is a great option for them.