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Pixel Gun 3d Hack

Pixel Gun 3d Hack

It is a famous game which will provide you a battlefield to fight with your friends, enemies or any other. In Pixel Gun 3D, you can purchase skins from the game shop to create or customize your avatar.  The game has many modes so that it can keep you occupied for long time. To know weapons, maps, skins and Pixel Gun 3D hack, please read this article till the end.


In the Online Pixel Gun 3d Hack, the maps are of diverse sizes and looks. It is not possible to play game modes without the maps. Following are few popular maps in the game:

  • School: This map is haunted school with everything is scattered. The classroom’s upside is down with upside down class desks. Your enemies will be infected nurse, injured students and infected spitter here.  The head of enemies will be Zombie Jockey.
  • Infected Prison Map shows a prison in a jail. The jail rooms have locker room, head office and beds etc. Your enemies will be Green Slime, Red Spider and Prisoner Zombie.
  • Slender Forest is jungle containing small cave. Your encountering enemies will be Slender Zombie and Slender Devel .
  • Parallel World map is the end map. It is shown in campaign mode. The enemies will be Parallel crawler, Parallel Zombie and Parallel Monster


The four currencies of this game are coins, tickets, keys and gems. It can be acquired by shopping various resources from game shop. Most of these resources are pets, hate, skins, gadgets and arms.

You can get coins easily by playing certain game mode. When you reach to new level of the Pixel Gun 3D, you will also get some coins. When you win multiplayer matches, you will get coins. So, there are many ways to get the coins.

Gems is another currency of the game which is used to buy gears, weapons and other luggage for battle. They can be shopped by spending some money but mostly player use hacks of pixel game 3d. One and famous way to get the free gems is by logging social media accounts or by getting new level of the game.

Ticket is an important currency of the games to join the modes like Mini Games. They can be purchased by the Game Shop.

However, mostPixel Gun 3D players decide to use Pixel Gun 3d Hack. Most probably because it’s easy to use and it can be downloaded from Hackaron.com completely for free. With this Pixel Gun 3D cheat, you can decide how many Gems or Coins you should add.


There are 6 types of weapons which are used in the game. These are-heavy, primary, Melee, Sniper, Special and Backup. These weapons are necessary to win the battle and in destroying the enemies.

The Few famous weapons which you can buy from the game shop are following described:

  • Big Buddy is the medium range weapon and it is used when your opponent is trapped in the tight space. So, it will be helpful to destroy your enemy.
  • Storm Hammer is used to destroy the armored opponents. It is a Melee Weapon. It has decent attack speed and high mobility.
  • Golden Friend is acquired by Lucky Chest and it is a primary weapon. It has a high rate of fire and damages even high leveled player. Players target the head to maximize the damage cause.