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Fine Choices and the Best PS4 Controller

It’s a matter of common sense but not always easy to implement. If your buddies have in their possession different models of pad, make some game sessions with to get acquainted with the model and detect small details that would reduce the pleasure to place your dragons at the game: comfort of play, placement of buttons, latency eventual. Try as much as possible and on all price ranges to avoid investing hundreds of euros in equipment that will tire you in 3 months. You can visit the website of the PS4 Controller for the best choices now.

The Perfect buttons

As mentioned earlier in this article, replacing push buttons will be a nearly mandatory move if you invest in a top budget arcade stick. As you play hard games (and the amount of rage you leave), the buttons may break or become less responsive over time. Moreover, the quality of the standard push buttons sometimes leaves something to be desired. If the components of Hori brand fare pretty much, the buttons are very disappointing and are damaged quickly while spoiling the fun of play.

The Megamods brand pushe buttons are very popular among hardcore gamers and the entire fighting community. The parts manufactured by these manufacturers are of undeniable quality and are highly recommended for intensive ultrasound jams over long periods of play. But let’s push the challenge even further: the buttons of your arcade stick are to change and you do not know which brand to choose to replace them? Despite a striking resemblance, the main difference is in the hardness of the buttons. You prefer them soft to link more easily your chains? Opt for Sanwa. For more pressure, choose Seimitsu. Tastes and colors.

The pedal:

  • Similarly, the pedal is the ideal instrument to gain realism during your frantic races.
  • It can consist of a footrest and two or three pedals that will offer you totally intuitive sensations.

For further:

The Gamer seat

Why not push the simulation to a climax and opt for a racing seat?

Indeed, these seats offer extreme comfort and are designed to be assembled with all your driving accessories. In addition, on some models, headphones or speakers are? It is directly integrated in the seat so that you can enjoy an all-encompassing sound and feel more the road.

For software updates, these are done directly in the settings menu. You will tick, however, like me, on its price, quite high.

The Megamods controller seems not only nice to use, precise and fully configurable, despite some small flaws, and has something to shake Sony. So here we have a controller that has enough to compete, in quality, with the official PS4 controller.

To conclude

Making a decision for buying an arcade stick is not easy. Many models exist with each their characteristics, their qualities and their defects.