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Make the Best Use of Fortnite Tracker

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games in the market, clearly depicted by the millions of players that are on the servers worldwide.The game is widely popular, but it still has some flaws. The main one is the lack of tracking stats to compare with other players. You can only find total matches that you have played, eliminations and winnings per mode.

Players have continuously expressed the desire for more tracking ever since the release. For such reason, one can make use of the best Fortnite tracker that can help in getting all details of their average kills in the game modes, the total number of kills, winning streak and others.

Enjoy its premium features

You can link these trackers to your game account and get accurate game details. They also come with personalized options which you can use either for free or you can pay some subscription fees for premium features. With these trackers, you can have a look at your statistics against every person and for all the modes whether, single or multiplayer.

You can collect all data related to whether you are improving in the gameplay or declining due to your poor performances. This fortnite tracker offers some graphs and trends too. They also help in tracking complete record of all the matches and keep on adding the same in your historical record.

Get complete record

These trackers record the longest winning streaks as well as the highest number of kills. One can also enjoy some of the community challenges that are offered by them for a cash prize. These trackers display the leaderboards, detailed stats of all weapons and duo kills within the stipulated timeframe.

These trackers for fortnite are great in their layout and easy to use. They have detailed looks and offer stunning images and information about the related items. From storms to missions and even the schematics are offered in detail.

Know your progress

You can have a complete profile of your gameplay which highlights your stats as how many unlocked heroes you have, total progress, weapons you possess, and the number of gnomes destroyed by you and others. You can now keep a complete record of this survival game and can enjoy all its features.

Fornite is highly popular among all gamers. It is known for its easy accessibility and many famous personalities even love playing the game. This gameplay is created by the EPIC games and has two varieties.

Save the world and battle Royale are its two varieties. Both of them are popular due to its features and the only thing it lacks is complete stat details. But now you can make use of the best tracker in your fortnite game play and can get all the details.